List of Nominees

Aaron Adams - Buttonwood Tree Apartments

"With his excellent skills and great personality all the people at buttonwood love him. Aaron has stepped up as a leader in the industry for all the maintenance personnel to look up to."

Bobby Harroald - Indian Hills Apartments

"I enjoy working with Bobby because he's always available to help. He answers phone calls, gives good feedback on how job is done. Always treats his employees with respect."

Brad Wood - Ponderosa Apartments

"I have never met or have known a Service Director with such good rapport with staff and especially with residents. The residents even make him cookies. Brad is thorough, thoughtful, kind, dependable, honest, and sincere. There are not too many people in the service industry that are like Brad. I whole-heartedly nominate him!"

Brad Zeman - Case & Associates

"Brad goes above and beyond every day. He is always running around like a crazy - man helping our maintenance, managers, and supervisor. Brad is one of our greatest assets not only in Wichita, but company wide."

Chris Wedel - Sundance Apartments

"After working with Chris for several years, it's become apparent his commitment to his property. Although Chris supervises maintenance at one of the largest in properties in town, his property always seems to keep his cool while the pressure is on. Always, he is a true gentleman...a professional committed and loyal to to goal of making his residents comfortable and happy, all while balancing the needs of the his company."

Jim Roth - Kingston Cove Apartments

"Jim is a dedicated employee who puts the resident needs first.  Ask any resident at Kingston Cove and they not only know who Jim is, but will not hesitate to tell you what a great attitude he has and what a great job he does. "

Owen Towles - Builders, Inc.

"Owen is amazing. Honestly. Anything anyone asks him to do he gets it done. He spreads his time between organizing the other maintenance techs., taking on additional apartment properties we have managed, helps out co-workers with their own maintenance issues and still has time to participate in a wide variety of Builders' sponsored events and AAGW Maintenance Events. I truly don't know how Owen does it but he always is willing and never stops trying!"

Ray Harrington - Innes Station/Perry Reid Properties

"Ray has worked for Perry Reid since 2007. He has maintained 3, now 4 buildings and the common areas for an HOA without fail. Hands down this gentleman has been the most dependable individual that has ever worked for me. He is great at maintaining a budget and works with vendors very well. Since 2009 we have won awards with a vacancy loss of less than 2%, I attribute a lot of that to my great maintenance."

Steven Reid - Fidelity Management

"Steven goes above and beyond to make sure all the work is done for are make readies, remodel's, and for our residents. He is an awesome team player and will help anyone out when they need it. Steven also has an awesome attitude no matter how stressed he gets."

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